Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Why am I blogging?

A writer friend of mine suggested I start a blog, but I couldn’t imagine what I’d write about. She and many others have said blogging is a good venue for aspiring writers to get their work noticed, and since I’m an aspiring writer I gave it some thought. Still, I didn’t have a clue what I’d put in a blog. It’s not like I’m travelling to parts unknown or living overseas for a few years, or anything else exotic. I’m right here in the USA, the same town I grew up in. Not that I’m boring, mind you.

 Then the other day, while showering, it came to me. I’d start a blog so one day my grandson, who’s only 2, would think Meena (his name for me) was pretty cool. And his “one day” will most likely be sooner than later. Kids’ brains are wired so differently today; toddlers will be reading blogs pretty soon, especially Josh (my grandson), ‘cause his daddy blogs and tweets for the NHL, along with writing real stories. But, that’s hockey and only fans read that. My blog won’t be for lovers of the stick and puck, mine is for anyone wanting to read what I have to say. I hope there are some of you out there. I’ll post a story or two that I’ve written, as long as it doesn’t stop me from getting it published one day. And, I’ll give a few fitness tips, too since I’ve been in that field for over thirty years.

 So, I hope you’ll stop by every once in awhile and see what words I’ve placed on the page, and if you enjoy one of my stories, please let me know. If Barbara Kingsolver, Anne River Siddons, or the ghost of Jane Austin chances to come across this blog, that would be terrific, or any agent or publisher, too. Since I never want to be sexist, TC Boyle, Pat Conroy, you’re all invited.

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