Monday, April 13, 2020

Ever Wonder What a Writer Has in Her Toolbox?

Whether on a shelf in the garage or basement, or shoved in a closet, most toolboxes have nuts and bolts in them along with screws and screw drivers, hammers and pliers and a whole load of other stuff I'd probably never use. A friend of mine jokes that his toolbox has phone numbers: the plumber's, handyman's, electrician's...  So why does my toolbox have a camera? If you're a writer, yours might have one, too. And if you are a reader, wouldn't you like to know why a novelist keeps a camera in her toolbox? 

 Before you click on the video below to find out, let me tell you about Writer Unboxed, a community of writers, including best-selling authors and other industry professionals, for which I made this video. With Covid-19 affecting many authors' book releases, especially debut authors like myself, Writer Unboxed jumped up to help us. Thank you WU. In the video, I mention the name Therese.  So you'll know who she is, Therese Walsh is the co-founder of Writer Unboxed and the current Editorial Director - as well as the author of the fabulous book, The Moon Sisters. I listened to the audio edition of the novel last summer and was blown away! Therese definitely used a camera when writing her evocative page-turner. 

Now, click on the video and find out what a camera is doing in my toolbox.

Fellow writers, tell me what's in your toolbox. I'd love to know. And for my readers, I'd love to hear from you. Had you ever even thought of a writer having a toolbox?

For more information about The Disharmony of Silence, come on over to my website You can read the first chapter and part of the second, read some interviews with me, and listen to podcasts about the novel. I had tons of fun doing those. Plus, you can order the book directly from the website!

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