Monday, March 23, 2020


Can’t get to the gym? Can’t go out for a walk? During this pandemic of Covid-19 too many of us, aside from getting anxious, are going to get lazy. So far New York, California and New Jersey are telling residents to stay home – maybe there are even more states I haven’t yet heard about. I don’t want to write about the virus and our fears for our families, ourselves, our country… I want to focus on you. Give some tips how to stay fit while staying at home. Hopefully, by getting off the couch and getting your muscles working, you’ll feel more centered, more positive.

So you don’t have any exercise equipment at home? That does not matter. Even if you’re not a regular exerciser and the thought of a treadmill in your living room creeps you out, you do have a piece of equipment you can use. Everyone has it. Wherever you are sitting right now, as long as it is inside, look around. There are four of them. “Really?” you ask. “What are they?” Walls. And you only need one to do these exercises.

Wall slides are my favorite. A safe and effective core strength exercise, so much better than crunches. Plus, you’ll improve your posture at the same time. I have already described wall slides in my blog, Core Strength 1, published 11/21/11. You can find it in my posts here on this site. Please click on it for a truly beneficial exercise.

Wall push-ups are another great exercise. Never a fan of real push-ups, I was so glad when I found this option. OK, macho guys and gals might think they’re wimpy. I do believe most of us, though, will prefer them.

 Stand in a corner of the room with one hand on either wall, your chest in the “v” made from the two walls. (see photo on left) 
 If that’s not possible, maybe you have furniture in the way, place your hands on the wall in front of you (see photo below) Spread your arms apart. The farther away, the more you work your chest and upper back muscles. 

Place your feet behind you. Keep them together, legs straight. Your body will be in a plank position.

Now, bend your elbows bringing your chest – ONLY YOUR CHEST, NOT YOUR NOSE - TOWARDS the wall. Your spine should be straight – plank position. Next, straighten your arms - go back to the starting position

You just did a standing push up! Not bad, right? So much better than high school gym class where the teacher was standing over you yelling “give me twenty!”

Do as many as you are comfortable with. Try to complete 8, 10, 12 or more, depending on your fitness level.

Another great indoor exercise is the V-Seat. Click on that post from 11/16/12 V-Seat in a Chair or on the floor. I’ve added two videos to show you just how to do the exercise. It’s another great one for core strength – your abdominals and thighs will love it!

Kick up your endorphins. We need to stay healthy and strong, both physically and emotionally, especially during this pandemic. Exercise helps. 

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